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Little Bit at three (November, 2013).

Earina's Little Bit Happy
colt, born February 6, 2011, 100% FPD

by Eagleheart from Drea Storm Shadow

He has that name because he is one of the happiest foals we have ever had. Mr. Friendly would have been another good name as the day he was born he was ready to say "hello."

He was four months younger than the other two foals, but feels just as big and runs like the wind with them.

He has absolutely beautiful movement and, of course, the Indian Shuffle. He will be a piece of cake to train as he is alert and willing and very intelligent.

What a joy he has brought to me and I must admit I am smitten with him.

Little Bit (right) pictured with Native and Stormcloud (November 2013).

His baby shots are below.

Pictured above in October, 2011 (early Spring)

Little Bit with mum on February 25, 2011.