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Foundation appaloosa lines


» Real Foundation Appaloosas

We are very proud of our stallions and mares, which bring to New Zealand the close-up foundation lines of Bear Paw, Crusty, Patches, Mansfield Commanche, Red Eagle ... the list goes on.

We have very close-up breeding to the "F lines" and all of our progeny qualify for Appaloosa Foundation Breeding with the ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club of the United States and founded the ApHANZ affiliate).

We were fortunate enough to locate and import all of these lines, bringing a stallion and four mares to promote this wonderful breed. All of our adult Appaloosas range in size from 14.3hh to 15.3hh, being the absolute maximum height for the breed. Appaloosas seldom reach their full height until five years of age.

Foundation Appaloosas have a wonderfully warm, loving personality and also often display the Indian Shuffle ... a gait unique to the breed.









































Earina Appaloosas .... member of the Breeders Trust of the ApHC