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Earina's SRU Eagleheart
ApHC # 536155 b. July 1994; 15.1hh.
Sundance 500 registered

Earina's SRU Eagleheart

Earina's SRU EagleheartEagleheart is our standout tri-coloured leopard stallion. He has more than 50 close-up foundation stock in his bloodlines.

His genetic history is amazing and his pedigree includes Red Eagle (three times), Freel's Chico, Painter's Marvel, Bambi, Morgan's Cheeta, Chief Navajo, Juaquin, Banjo, Crusty, Candy, Bambi E, Bear Paw, etc, just to name a few.

To look at him his heritage speaks for itself. His conformation is impeccable. His attitude is to please you. He is full of energy and could carry any Nez Perce on his back with the Appaloosa Shuffle for days.

Earina's SRU Eagleheart

Earina's SRU Eagleheart

To see him ... you will not be disappointed. He is the true Nez Perce Appalooosa personified.

Earina's SRU Eagleheart

He produces beautiful foals and puts his mark on them every time. He has long flowing mane and tail and exudes the true Appaloosa spirit!

Earina's SRU Eagleheart #536155

Ulrich's Papillion #381053 Ulrich's Many Coups  #211687 Navajo Candy #83389 Candy #F320 Juaquin #F801
(Banjo F36 x Lassie)
Cloud Princess #F1026
Crusty #F691 Chief Navajo #F44
(Pine Ridge Reservation bred)
Appaloosa filly
(Chief Navajo)
Simcoe's Weeping Willow #122806 Simcoe's Sarcee #F1634

Simcoe's Chinook #F1610
(Red Eagle x Maize)

Morgan's Cheeta #F1078
(Leopard Cortez [Morgan's Leopard F437] xCandy)

Charlie Peterson leopard mare unknown
Sully's Butterfly 186334 Sully's Lancer #101555 Heel's Melody AQHA 69347 Gold Heels AQHA P-1228
Melody AQHA 1583
Sully's Sunshine #T50509 Sully's Pattern #16061 (Bambi E F2497 x Blue Baby F58)
Roy's Red Sails AQHA 69843
Sully's Baby Grand #16062 Bambi E #F2497 Woodrow Sheik #F502
(Sundance F500 x Stockings)
PVF's Butterfly #F3486
(Deter Leopard x Senator TB)
Deehan #105604 Wee Skeeter
Pale Moon #F608
SS Misfit N #338846 Simcoe's Pataha #135995 Storm Cloud F #F1644 Red Eagle #F209 Ferras #922
Painter's Marvel #F47
Maize #1643 Mahabba AHC 1296
Simcoe's Snow Crest #2774 Freel's Chico #F715 Stubby #F920
Macey TB
Duchess of Domino #F2332  
Bear Paw's Missfit #288751 Bear Paw #F1376 Chocolate Sunday King Cambuscon ASHA
Pride of California (Cyclone McDonald x appaloosa)
Chocolate Highlight Museh AHC
Hank's Sally #F1144

Painter's Pride   #F3419

Appalo F81 Painter III #F8 (Ferras xMarvel's Angel [Young Painter-Lady])
Sheba #F35 (Ferras x Kentucky Girl [Young Painter-Pacer])
Golden Girlie Sunshine Sonny Boy
Snowflake #F2 (Old Painter x Cremolia)